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    Polyester Geogrid

    Polyester warp-knitted polyester geogrid is made of high-strength polyester industrial filament and processed into geogrid by warp-knitted directional woven grey fabric, and strength from 20kN/m to 800kN/m(Biaxial type), 40-25kN/m to 600-400kN/m(Uniaxial type). Polyester geogrid has a tight woven fabric structure. This structure constitutes a grid reinforcement system, which exerts strong adhesion on the subgrade. Polyester geogrid can effectively improve the bearing capacity of the foundation. It can be widely used for gravel roads, soft soil foundation treatment and reinforcement of subgrade, embankment and other projects to improve project quality and reduce project cost.

    Product Features
    The Warp Knitted Polyester Geogrid has the characteristics of high intension, low elongation ratio, erosion-resistant, aging-resistant,
    High occlusive force with soil or gravel, light weight, water drainage and so on.

    PET grids are widely used in various fields of civil engineering, traffic engineering and environmental problems. Knitted PET geogrids are woven by two or more yarns or filaments, usually at right angles. PET mesh is coated with polymer or non-toxic material outside to prevent ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali resistance, and prevent biological decomposition.

    The resulting grid structure has large openings to enhance the interaction with the filler material.Polyester Geogrid