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    Ballistic Body Armor A concealed bulletproof vest is a type of body armor designed to protect the wearer from ballistic threats while remaining discreet and concealed. It is a popular choice for law enforcement personnel, private security personnel, and civilians who require protection without drawing attention to themselves.


    TypeLevel of ProtectionWeightThickness
    Concealed VestNIJ Level IIIA4-6 lbs0.25-0.5″
    Concealed VestNIJ Level II3-5 lbs0.25-0.5″
    Concealed VestNIJ Level IIA2-4 lbs0.25-0.5″


    Discreet and easy to conceal under clothing
    Lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods
    Provides protection against a variety of ballistic threats
    Can be customized to fit individual body types and preferences


    Law enforcement personnel
    Private security personnel
    Civilians who require personal protection
    Undercover operations


    Q: How does a concealed vest provide protection against ballistic threats?
    A: A concealed vest is made of multiple layers of material, including Kevlar, that absorb and disperse the energy of a bullet upon impact, reducing or stopping its penetration.
    Q: How do I know what level of protection I need?
    A: The level of protection needed depends on the specific threat level and the individual’s requirements. NIJ standards provide guidelines for choosing the appropriate level of protection.
    Q: Can I customize my concealed vest to fit my body type?
    A: Yes, most manufacturers offer a range of sizes and customization options to ensure a proper fit and maximum comfort.
    Ballistic Body Armor